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Domov » Bohúňova paleta » 2020


Propositions to XXIII International Art Competition
Peter Bohun Art and Music School under the auspices of the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Municipal House of Culture in Bielsko - Biala in Poland.
The competition aims:
The competition is the subjective testimony of students on the basis of observation and learning the facts and events, activities and experiences and to build a deeper relationship to his environment.
Competition conditions:
Participants aged between 4-20 years in two categories: up to 7 years to 11 years and from 15 years to 20 years, ie pupils of kindergardens, primary, secondary schools and secondary vocational schools of any type and orientation. Accepted format works made in techniques: drawing, painting, graphics, combined with the possibility of using techniques and experimenting with new unconventional materials (plastics, metals, secondary raw material, etc.), photography and computer graphics. Your work must be labeled with the following information: author, age, school address and country. Each author may send only one competition work. Works in electronic form will not be accepted and they cannot be pasparted.
Competition period:
Works of the XXIII. Years´ International art Competition "Bohúň´s palette" will be accepted until 20th April 2020. Sent it to: ZUŠ Petra Michala Bohúňa, Matúškova 1632/5, 02601 Dolný Kubín
Results of the competition:
The competition is one round with a final evaluation. Your work of art will be assessed by the international jury (its composition will be published on the score catalog). The jury decided to award diplomas in gold, silver and bronze band and honorable mentions in each category. The winning work will be awarded the main prize, thus becoming the next logo of the competition and will be printed on the cover of the catalog of result. The jury awards a Special Mention for the best collection of works. The results of the competition contestants will be informed until 30 June 2020. Each participating school will receive a Commemorative sheet and a scorecard. Authors of awarded works will be sent a diploma and a catalog of competition in the electronic form.
Competition Themes:
Competition theme: Traces of time (the passage of time cannot be influenced, time leaves traces on everything- man,human face, hand, marks things, animals, nature, our planet, but also brings new changes in human history and individual life).  - (portrait, figure, figural composition) - the paraphrase of the work remains part of the competition. In addition to traditional techniques - drawing, painting, graphics, mixed media, we also welcome photography, computer graphics and spatial work.
Competition results:
The winners will be announced on the official website of the school www.
By registering for the contest, the legal representative of the contest participant gives his / her consent to the processing of personal data to the extent: name, surname, age, school or facility address to the contest organizer in accordance with Act 122/2013 Coll. On the protection of personal data. This data will be used in the promotional materials of the current competition year or in the results list and will be published on the website of the competition organizer. Consent is given for a period of 2 years. The consent can be withdrawn at any time in writing at the postal address of the competition organizer.
ZUŠ Petra Michala Bohúňa
Matúšková  1632/5, 026 01 Dolný Kubín, Slovensko
Číslo telefónu +421 / 43 / 586 20 52